Schweizer Bunker und Festungen

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FORT.CH is the roof organisati on of institutions that independently own, maintain or open to the public former fortifications and military facilities of the Swiss Army. To visit them, please contact them directly.

FORT.CH has no fortresses or operates any facilities or equipment.

FORT.CH does not carry out guided tours. These are carried out independently by the various member organizations. We ask you to contact the relevant organizations directly. The contact details or further information can be found in the left side after you have selected the appropriate membership organization on the map.

FORT.CH can be reached via the contact information on the left.

FORT.CH our member organizations thank you for your interest and wish you many wonderful hours in our various Swiss fortifications or installations. These are a visible sign of our defensive capability and in the past have substantially helped to preserve our independence. With your visit you will help to preserve this valuable cultural asset for our posterity.